7 myths about carpet cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

Busting 7 Myths About Carpet Cleaning

The Internet has brought about lots of fantastic information regarding proper carpet cleaning. But we often see a lot of myths out there. Today, we bust 7 of them.

Do you want your carpets to last? Avoid serious harm by NOT believing the following:

Carpet Cleaning Myth #1:

Vinegar Cleans the Carpet

Vinegar is often tops on the list for natural cleaners. The truth is Vinegar will NOT remove stains from your carpet, and can actually damage the fabric.

Many people recommend using vinegar along with baking soda. However, this will probably not remove stains either. You’ll simply end up with a disgusting paste that will harden quickly and be very difficult to remove.

There is another concern with the baking soda/vinegar method, and that is peracetic acid, it can irritate skin, and cause breathing problems. You would be wise to avoid this practice.

Carpet Cleaning Myth #2:

You Should Not Vacuum Your Carpet often

For many years, you have been told that frequent vacuuming would damage your carpets fibers and lower the life expectancy of your carpet. This is no longer so. In fact, modern carpet is built to withstand regular vacuuming, and you are able to remove 80% of dirt simply by regularly using a vacuum.

How often should you vacuum your carpet? Experts say once a week, or daily for high-traffic areas.

Carpet Cleaning Myth #3:

Hair Spray can be Used to Clean Carpet

We have no idea how this myth came to be. Hair spray belongs on your head. It works wonders, and will keep your beautiful doo, looking stylish and hip for hours. Not so however for your carpets, not only will hair spray not clean your carpet, the chemicals there-in can cause permanent damage to your beloved brand new floor covering.

Carpet Cleaning Myth #4:

New Carpet Does not Need to be Cleaned

Consider this. If you got a brand-new toothbrush, would you not rinse after use? What about those brand-new boxers you just bought? Since they’re new, surely they will go the week right? Of course not. New carpets, just like old carpets, need to be properly and regularly cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning Myth #5:

Water is the Best Method for Cleaning Carpet

This one has a host of issues. First, using water to clean a stain, is like letting out a giant, unbridled sneeze, those contaminants will spread. Even worse, depending on how much water you use, you may not be able to completely dry the carpet, and that can lead to mold and serious health problems.

Damping a stain can make it easier to remove, However, club soda should be used instead of regular water. Make sure once completed, that you thoroughly dry the area.

Carpet Cleaning Myth #6:

Dish Soap can be Used to Clean Carpet

Much like hair spray, dish soap serves a very noble purpose, however, it is NOT to clean carpets. Do you want grease off your dishes? How about getting last nights caked on casserole cleaning off the pan? Yes? Use dish soap. Do you want freshly cleaned and fluffy carpets? Yes? DO NOT USE dish soap.

Using dish soap usually makes the stains much worse, spreads them out and in the end, you not only have stains, but slippery soapy carpet. Do yourself a favor and leave the dish soap in the kitchen.

Carpet Cleaning Myth #7:

Ammonia can be Used to Clean Carpet

Finally, we come to the mother of all myths: Ammonia will clean anything out of your carpet.

Ammonia is a high-alkaline solution. Any high-alkaline solution will cause serious damage to your carpet. Not only is ammonia damaging to your carpet, but it is also toxic. It can create a fume that can cause respiratory problems if it is inhaled. It is best if you simply AVOID using this chemical.

Why worry about the potential pitfalls of DIY carpet cleaning, when you can hire the experts? We’ve got you covered. Our technology not only cleans your carpets properly, it leaves them dry and ready to walk on much faster than the leading carpet cleaning services.

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