This world is spewing hate these days it seems. The news. Social Media. Riots. Protests. Graffiti. Church Shootings. School Shootings. It is everywhere.

Hate doesn't belong in our town. Richmond is a wonderful city, full of good people. We aim to keep it that way.

We are doing our part to erase hate in RVA. Inspired by Corey Fleisher and his social media campaign #erasinghate we decided to create a movement in Richmond, VA to erase the hate in our own community.

With the help of Fabling Built we were able to erase some hateful graffiti in the Lakeside community of Henrico County, VA.

Hateful Graffiti in Lakeside

At 2700 Cleaning Services, we are so passionate about this, that we ask that our friends in RVA call us (804-592-6830), email us, text us, or DM us a photo and location of the graffiti that is deemed hateful, and we will go remove it for FREE. Free graffiti removal. Do you know anyone else that offers anything like this?

A fresh coat of paint over top of the power washed surface

We make a great team

Tag teaming #erasinghate
2700 Services and Fabling Built

We appreciate Casey and his team coming to help. We look forward to the community reaching out to us!

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